Vaccination Passports are problematic. They are a political nightmare, the ol’ “damned if you do.” But, we seem to be stuck on ‘Passports’ as the only solution. Are we missing a bigger picture? Does the underlying data have additional safety benefits? In the voice of Steven Toast “Yes!”.

Scan social media, and you can see for yourself the paper-tech used today for validation. This is not an argument against paper (the OG tech); it’s a demonstration of how we can see information as monomodal; that is, it frequently has a singular purpose.

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But, data is multimodal. If published by a…

We’re all going to be affected by the policy decisions resulting from the pandemic. Instead of arguing about beliefs, our focus should be on choices and are we gaining or losing them?

For small businesses, the response to COVID-19 has been particularly disappointing. Here in Canada, “As of December 2019, the Canadian economy totalled 1.23 million employer businesses. Of these, 1.2 million (97.9 percent) were small businesses, 22,905 (1.9 percent) were medium-sized businesses, and 2,978 (0.2 percent) were large businesses” Business & Industry Canada. The United States Office of Advocacy published a report in 2019 that stated: 44 percent…

From Consensas’ early open data work on COVID-19, we’ve been patiently tracking and compiling information about how data, or lack of it, is employed during the pandemic. The only clear signal is static. Data is political.

We’ve learned from our work in supply chains that there is always an intellectual blind spot concerning technology. To some, it’s magic; to others, the key to untold riches; for many, it’s a black box and, in some cases, a system of monitoring and control. …

Photo of ‘Artisanal Gold’ 2017 in Democratic Republic of Congo © Ryan Taylor

A little over a year ago we announced Consensas and set out to find partners to trust us with their data. Today we’re proud to announce our official partnership with the Canadian NGO IMPACT, and share one of the first end to end solutions built on our platform. Together we have combined development, human rights, and technology for a unique solution to the challenges of sourcing minerals in conflict-affected & high-risk areas. It is a strong demonstration of our software’s adaptability and potential.

Case study:

If you have a project, or a challenge and would like to meet in…

Field Research at a Sapphire Mine, Madagascar. Photo Credit Adrian Smith

I’m extremely proud to announce that on May 1st I will become the Chief Design Officer of our new technology start-up Consensas. (

Fair Trade Jewellery Co. (FTJCo.) has grown into an incredible business with exceptional women at the helm. As I step down from my current role, there’s no doubt that they will take our retail and manufacturing operations to the next level.

Consensas benefits from a decade of FTJCo’s responsible sourcing through the entire value chain of the jewellery sector. It’s a software utility that manages due diligence and risk in complex, decentralized value chains.

Globally, we’re moving…

Ryan Taylor

[ rahy-uh n, tey-ler ] Noun: A Bad data point obsessed with negative space.

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